Go for It!

I've got to be honest. I've had an itch to write a blog for years but I didn't act on it until now. Like literally today. And if I had started before, I would have been so much further along! But that's ok! I have a secret. It's always perfect timing.

Just before writing this, I decided to pull a quick oracle card, because it felt like fun. And I pulled Pleiades from the Work Your Light deck by Rebecca Campbell. It literally says, "Double Mission: Channeling and Uplifting Humanity. You are a soul who has a double mission: To grow at soul level and to raise the vibration of the planet. If you have been called to write, speak, or channel, this is your sign to keep doing it! Your work is divinely guided."

How amazing is that? I mean, it couldn't be more perfectly timed.

So there you go. Proof that even if I had decided to start blogging a year ago, or ten years ago, it would be just fine. The thing is, I think everything we choose in our life is divinely guided, orchestrated and choreographed by our soul's desire. And each of our soul has a mission on earth, unique to us, sometimes fulfilled easily, sometimes working in tandem with others.

Around 15 months ago I did start a podcast (that speaking part of my soul mission), called Liberate Your Soul. You can check that out wherever you get your listen on or by clicking here. What is strange about that is that I was called to begin it probably a year before I did, I just allowed my mind to get caught up in someone else's story, someone that I believed, and a story that I misunderstood.

I believed it was going to be hard, and take up too much time, and that it wouldn't be fulfilling or provide any gain. But that was so wrong! I have garnered so much confidence, experience, and helped so many people by sharing my truths on that podcast, and now as season 3 begins, I enter an era of helping other multi-passionate creatives focus, strategize, monetize, get inspired, and find their authentic voices in the world.

So let this be a lesson for you, that if you have a nudge to get out there and write, speak, create, or share something with the world that the time to do it is now, not later, not when you think you'll be ready, or when someone gives you permission, the timing is always going to be fantastically perfect for you to get started. If you wait until you learn more, or have the perfect feeling about it, or confidence that you will be as good as some professional that has arbitrarily better skills than you, then you might be like me, wishing you had started a year ago, now with more inspiration than time and raring to go. Remember that saying, the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is today? Well, go on then, get to planting!

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