Quantum  Shifts in your life are possible with the right mentor and coach. Read on to find out more about me and what you can expect from working with me. 
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Step Into Your Life Purpose and Live with Intention,   Authentically, and live your life to the fullest!!

How will someone notice the difference from coaching?

      Mindset is 80% of everything, and when we shift our mindsets, we notice that the things we used to spend most of our energy on worrying about, agonizing over (do I look ok, what I I fail, will he/she be there, what is wrong with me, what will they think of me?) start to mean less as our lives start to look more like what we want.


     We achieve new things, believe in ourselves, our self-concept starts to look different, then all of a sudden we aren’t worried about those things anymore.


     We concern ourselves with larger issues, ideas, dreams, and then one day we are a completely different version of ourselves, one that we really like and want to hang out with instead of feeling bottled up, anxious, moody, and nervous all the time.

     Money starts coming in easier and faster, we have the energy to get things done, relationships are smoother, and we have better discernment in business decision making. Life becomes easier to navigate with the skills you learn from coaching.

Who will you become after coaching?

     The more true version of yourself, one that you really enjoy. Clearer in your trajectory, recalibrated toward bigger, more aligned goals on a soul level. Happier with the company you keep, at peace with the money that is coming in, comfortable with the choices you are making, and feeling supported by the universe around you. No longer hiding from emotions, but willing to feel everything that comes with living a full figured life.

What will life look like before, during, and after coaching?

     Before coaching can be really scary. It’s like flying on the trapeze without a net below. You feel graspy, like you haven’t had enough practice in this life and you really REALLY need to hang onto that bar and not let go.

    During coaching with me can feel like you’ve made the jumps and you’ll surprise yourself with how easy it was, and you look down and you see there was a net, and you look up and see some ropes, and notice in the in between times that you are the one who is making it happen, making the leaps, as you are developing new skills all along.

     After coaching, you will feel confident enough to take those jumps on your own, knowing you have the ability and skills to create and achieve anything you really want. You will find yourself happier and more fulfilled with the achievement AND the process of becoming the kind of person who loves their life. You will know exactly who you are, be able to set boundaries more easily, and won’t feel like apologizing or holding yourself back. There is nothing you aren't willing to go after. You will become fearlessly free! I am so excited for you!!!

Who am I, Your Coach?

     A dynamic coach that blends the feminine energy and maternal nurturance of your goals with the masculine action of getting stuff done. Trained in sovereign leadership life coaching with a second track of business coaching, I also blend holistic healing and my twenty years of experience in the corporate realm of ROI and lean six sigma planning, strategy, and market research can give you that missing 20% .


   I specialize in mindset coaching for the high achievers who have reached success despite not so great beginnings and want to find deeper fulfillment in life, or who are overcoming trauma and loss and trying to regain their identity and sense of self worth.   

     I love helping others to make massive shifts in business, abundance mindset, cultivating healthy relationships with themselves and others to live fulfilling and meaningful lives on purpose for a purpose. Plus, I love to laugh and not take things too seriously!  

What is the best thing that I have seen since working with my own coach?

     For me it’s realizing the facts that I thought were true are actually just beliefs that I chose to believe. Facts are only as good as your perceptions, and like the great Dr. Wayne Dwyer said, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I've learned that there is nothing wrong with me or the desires of my heart, that joy and harmony are really possible and available to me. 

Why would someone come to me for coaching and not someone else?

     My style of coaching is not just boot camp accountability weekly report card check ins.

You will be met with unconditional acceptance exactly where you are, as we uncover who you are on a soul level on the journey to where you want to be.


     I have honed my craft to include a range of tools from traditional coaching and conscious thought awareness to subconscious pattern shifting using RTT hypnotherapy, reparenting and inner child work, inner voice facilitating, guided meditations, to the woo that uses powerful but gentle energy adjustments to move stuck energy out of your aura.


     As for the Woo: I feel like its come full circle. I was born with gifts and talents that I pushed aside to do the mental work, and now I'm tapped back into that inner voice as a certified inner voice facilitator. It's like having a deep inner peace that never leaves my side, knowing the Universe really does have my back. 


Somewhere in that thought work, mindset coach, business leadership acumen sandwich I picked up and got certified in Akashic records guidance that can offer intuitive guidance, and Reiki healing can increase and empower your goals. I also pray for my clients as I am a devout follower of Christ. It’s more than a worldly action plan, we move in the spiritual realms too, in big ways, and people will notice you wherever you go, in a good way!

     The proof is in the pudding: I have been dedicated to progress my entire life, published a devotional, Light Worker to Light Warrior (available, here) and host the podcast, Liberate Your Soul a weekly show dedicated to getting rid of imposter syndrome,  healing the heart with authenticity, and awakening the soul with topics that peak my own curiosity and help creatives, sensitives, and entrepreneurs gain confidence in who they are.


I love my life and despite coming from less than stellar upbringing, I wouldn't change it for the world! I know who I am and I'm not afraid to embrace it. I can't wait to help you love your life too! xoxo ~Kelly

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What People Are Saying Around the Globe

Image by Mathew Schwartz

International Self Healing Guide & Beautiful Soul, Africa

Kelly holds such a beautiful space for healing, she's so calming, she has this beautiful energy about her. My own one on one session was so impactful! I have never had a one off session like this that was so impactful and transformational!

Image by Tanalee Youngblood

Energy Worker, USA

I really enjoyed working with Kelly! She was so full of hope and optimism. I started the session feeling uncertain about EVERYTHING and after the session felt so secure! ❤❤❤ The modality, RTT, is soooo powerful! It gets very deep and helps you really uproot your trauma and UNDERSTAND everything so that it no longer effects you! I'm so grateful and blessed to have run into this and I can't wait for what the future holds!! Than you Kelly for your wonderful gifts!! I really clicked with you and can't wait for our second session! ❤❤❤

Image by Quaritsch Photography

Dag, Therapist UK

Kelly is truly wonderful at what she does. I had an RTT session (with her) and she guided me through it with so much care and patience, allowing the flow of the session to tell her where to go and what to ask.

The session brought up some very vulnerable memories for me, but I felt safe in opening up to Kelly as she was holding the space for me so beautifully.

My comfort level has gone up considerably, and I find that amazing! Thank you for everything you've done for me, this is turning out to be a really big blessing!

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May 11, 8:00 PM – 9:05 PM EDT
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