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What if you lived in total alignment with your higher self, in perfect harmony with the best outcome for your life purpose, and had the answers to your everyday questions (not to mention the deeper ones) at your fingertips?

No, it’s not another big promise for a program that you will start and won’t finish. It’s not a gimmick, or word of the month, this is a new way of be-ing that many have embraced the idea of, but few know how to put into practice.

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Welcome to the With-IN community, a place where you will release stagnancies, shift your mindset to what is possible, learn to live in integrity with your soul essence, get in tune with your intuition, and (re)discover effortless techniques that you can implement to guide you in the right direction that is uniquely suited for YOUR best and highest good.

A community unlike any other, you will kick it off by receiving a personalized, private, 1:1 facilitator led intensive session where we dive deeply into all your pressing questions like: “What do I need to do to step into my life purpose? How can I make more money? What should I do in my relationships? How do I relate to my kids on their level? What do I need to do to get to my ideal weight? How can I let go of feeling guilty all the time? What do I need to do to stop people pleasing?” And more.

You will hear the most amazing authentic answers that cannot be made up by anyone, because they come from YOUR inner voice, your inner guidance, the eternal self that is always present, but that often has blocks because of trapped emotions, fears, limiting beliefs, or patterns that you aren’t even aware of.

With-IN the Community you will benefit from the following:

  • You will receive that intensive session as a private recording that you get to keep forever, that gives you guidance and next steps in life.

  • You will then gain access to the community that is NOT on social media, it is hosted on a safe and secure video channel, emailed links to upcoming sessions (we meet 3 x a month on a weekday at 8 pm eastern time).

  • Digital inner voice journals with soul prompts and tips on how to hear from your inner voice/intuition are released monthly.

  • Feel uplifted with the group chat for support, celebrations, and revelations; we have a lot of fun, and no topic is off limits as the inner voices LOVE to play!

  • Discounts on additional private intensives, coaching, and holistic sessions PLUS VIP booking priority.

  • All access to me, your coach, and feedback from the community via the group chat, you can bounce off ideas, receive support, feedback, and celebrate your wins!


This type of membership might cost thousands of dollars anywhere else, but it is my goal to make the beautiful power of intuition led guidance available to every woman.


I truly believe when we change one person's life it's like changing the entire world, and I know the butterfly effect of what you learn about yourself and how you impact the people in your life is invaluable. That’s why the membership is a steal at just $137/month.

Yes! You read that right! For less than a fancy dinner out a month you can change your entire life. Are you ready?


Never question a decision again. In fact, if you are questioning this decision right now, I want you to consider what some of the members have to say after less than two months:


“I feel so relaxed…. One of the most beautiful things that I’ve experienced is the freedom to trust that I know what I know. When I start feeling the questioning to be able to have a way to be able to… feel what I need to feel and be able to trust that I have the answer without looking outside or asking other people’s opinion is giving me a freedom I don’t believe I’ve ever really had.”

It’s amazing the difference I feel, I don’t even know how to put it in words. Even the people around me, that are with me say, ’I don’t know what’s happened but you’re happier’.  One of the girls yesterday told me ‘It’s like there’s a glow about you. When I look up at you, I don’t see the same you I used to see. Almost like something on the outer edge covering you and everything seems different’. I knew what it was.


Let's get your first intensive session booked and launch you into the community today! I can’t wait to see what opens for you in the universe when you say YES to yourself.